Wednesday, August 14 Daily Music Listing

Please remember your dance floor etiquette, which includes: being respectful of others including personal space and property, tipping the bartenders and waitstaff, keeping the drinks off the dance floor, being an observant dancer and showing your appreciation to the band by: buying merchandise, tipping, applauding, hooting, hollering, buying them a beverage of their choice, or all of the above.

GRUENE HALLThe Georges (7p,Tips)
THE BROKEN SPOKETracie Lynn Band (6p,Tips); Bob Appel (9p,$7)
THE LITTLE LONGHORN SALOON – Dance Lessons w/ Dustin Roberts (6p,Tips); Hog Branch Groove Band (7p,Tips)
DONN’S DEPOTFrank Cavitt & The Honky Tonk Doctors (9p,Tips)
THE WHITE HORSE – Swing Dance Lessons w/ Four on the Floor (7p,Tips); Rock Step Relevators (8p,Tips); The Gin Racers (10p,Tips); Johnny McGowans Rugged Gents (12a,Tips)
GUERO’S – Sun Radio presents Texas Radio Live: South Austin Moonlighters and Croy and the Boys (6p,$10 suggested donation)
GALLERY @ THE CONTINENTAL CLUBThe Blue Moon Jazz Quartet with Rosie Flores (8:30p,$5); The Brannen Temple & Red Young Show (10:30p,Tips)
ELEPHANT ROOM -Violet Crown Revue Liz Morphis (6p,Tips); Tonic Big Band (9:30p,Tips)
THE CONTINENTAL CLUBTom Ben Lindley Band w/ Alvin Crow (6:30p,Tips); William Harries Graham (9:45p,$8); Jon Dee Graham (10:30p,$8); Kevin McKinney (12a,$8)
RUSTIC TAPJulie Effin Nolen’s Song Swap (7:30p,Tips)
ONE-2-ONE BARAlan Haynes (6p,$10); La Moña Loca Salsa Wednesdays (8:30p,$5/$8)
C-BOY’SSpeedy Sparks & Friends w/ Special Guest Bill Campbell (6:30p,Tips); Matt Hubbard Trio (9:30p,$7)
ABGBWarren Hood (6:30p,Tips)
GIDDY UPSLeeann Atherton & Phil Anstrom (6:30p,Tips)
SAM’S TOWN POINTMarghi Allen (7p,$5); Karaoke w/Scott Wade (10:30p,$5)
EVANGELINE CAFÉPaul Glasse (7p,$5); ”The Peacemakers” (10p,$5)
ANTONE’SGuy Forsyth Band plus Bill carter (6:30p,$10); Eve Monsees, Don Leady, Mike Buck & Speedy Sparks (10p,Tips)
HONDO’S (FREDERICKSBURG) – Almost Patsy Cline Trio (7p,Tips)
PARKER JAZZ CLUB – Julie Slim (8p,$10); House Band (10p,$10)
RILEY’S TAVERN – Britton Pyeatt (7p,Tips)
SAXON PUB – Lisa Tingle (6p,Tips); Tyler McCollum (8p,$10); The American Revival (10p,$10)
CHEATHAM STREET WAREHOUSE (SAN MARCOS) – Kent Finlay’s Songwriters Circle (8p,Tips)
DRISKILL HOTEL BAR – Melanie Lenau (6p,Tips); Bruce Smith (8p,Tips)
LUCKENBACH – Dan West (5p,Tips)
SKYLARK LOUNGE – Jimmy Lohman & Karen Blizzard (6p,Tips); 33 MM with Masumi Jones & Chris McCan (8:30p,Tips)
MARTINEZ SOCIAL CLUB (SAN ANTONIO) – County Line (7:30p,$10)
JAZZ TEXAS (SAN ANTONIO) – The Madeline Jimenez Quartet (5:30p,Tips); The Doc Watkins Trio (8:30p,$10/$30)
HALF STEP – Canned Beets (9:30p,Tips)
THE TOWNSEND – Witchsister (7:30p,$8/$10)
THE BARN – Troy Open Mic (8p,Tips)
POODIES ROADHOUSE – No Bad Days Open Mic w/ Steve Bigler (8p,Tips)


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