Redd Volkaert

Austin Honky Tonkers'
2019 Artist of the Year

Farewell To One Of The Greatest
Redd Volkaert's Austin Residency Has Ended

Playing With Redd

Redd Volkaert has shared the stage with greats like Merle Haggard, Johnny Paycheck and George Jones. He's also graced the stage with well know singers such as Vince Gill, Tim McGraw and Brad Paisley. His guitar playing is so good, he makes it look effortless. It belies the skill he's developed playing close to 50 Years.

If you are only going to one show this year..

Make it a Redd Volkaert Performance.

Anatomy of greatness...

"Let’s get down to what makes Redd so great. Is it licks? Tone? Gear? Perhaps “yes” is the best answer – the mix of everything together that yields the wonderful stew that is the sound of Redd Volkaert."