Monday, August 12 Daily Music Listing

Please remember your dance floor etiquette, which includes: being respectful of others including personal space and property, tipping the bartenders and waitstaff, keeping the drinks off the dance floor, being an observant dancer and showing your appreciation to the band by: buying merchandise, tipping, applauding, hooting, hollering, buying them a beverage of their choice, or all of the above.
SAM’S BURGER JOINT (SAN ANTONIO)The Georges (8p,$5/$7/$15)
THE CONTINENTAL CLUBPeterson Brothers Band (6:30p,Tips); Weldon Henson (10p,$7)
THE GALLERY @ THE CONTINENTAL CLUB – Church on Monday w/ Elias Haslanger Music featuring Dr. James Polk (8:30p,$5); Michael Hale Organ Trio (10:30p,Tips)
THE WHITE HORSE – Waltz Lessons w/ Honky Tonk Inc. aka Houston Ritcheson & Elisa Farrell (7p,Tips); Texas Tycoons (8p,Tips); Kathryn Legendre (10p,Tips); The Blake Whitmire Band (12a,Tips)
GIDDY UPSDavid Touchton Music (7p,Tips)
RUSTIC TAPThe Merles (7:30p,Tips)
SAM’S TOWN POINT – Steel Monday – Geoff Queen (7p,$5); Lucas Hudgins & the first cousins (9p,$5)
ONE-2-ONE BAR – Emily Shirley (6:30p,$10); Cari Hutson and Good Company (8p,$10); Candi & The Muthaload (10p,$7)
DONN’S DEPOT – Chris Gage (9p,Tips)
GRUENE HALLJohnny McGowan’s Rugged Gents (7p,Tips)
THE SAXON PUBHoody & The Wolves (6p,Tips); Lonelyland (8:30p,$10)
ELEPHANT ROOMJon Blondell trio (6p,Tips); Jazz Jam hosted by Adrian Ruiz (9:30p,Tips)
THE HIGHBALL – Swing Dance Lessons w/ Go Dance (8:15p,$5); Motown Monday: Matchmaker Band (9p,$5)
POODIE’S HILLTOP ROADHOUSE – Songwriters Showcase: WC Jameson hosts Dan West (6:30p,Tips)
EVANGELINE CAFÉCharles Thibodeaux and The Austin Cajun Aces (6:30p,Tips)
HALF STEP – High Standards (9p,Tips)
C-BOY’S – Presto Chango (6:30p,Tips); Jonesin’ (10p,Tips)
DRISKILL BAR – Rob Mahoney (6p,Tips)
HOLE IN THE WALL – Randy Conrad Olinger Residency (9p,Tips)

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