Gary Claxton

"The King Of Broken Hearts"

Austin Honky Tonkers'
Artist of the Decade

August 15, 1960 - June 6, 2011

Gary's Impact

Perhaps it takes someone with profound shyness to explain how Gary Claxton was able to so easily vocalize both the highs and lows of country music. While most fans swayed in their seats or danced on the floor, the shy ones stayed in the shadows, hidden from view. Some forever, some for years before being able to make even a few steps forward to dance in public. The truly shy ones could hear it, even when he was smiling. Gary receded into the shadows, taking his own life on June 6, 2011. It was a great loss for live music, Austin and his family. With just one year into the past decade, he easily and deservedly takes top honors.

Gary Would Want You To Seek Help

If you're in trouble, seek help. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. For Austin Musicians who need an ear and some help moving forward, there is the Sims Foundation, 512-494-1007.

The King of Broken Hearts

The king of broken hearts doesn't ask much from his friends
And he has quite a few of them
They know he will understand
That's just the way it goes
The king of broken hearts doesn't know he's a king
He's tryin' to forget other things
Like some old ship at sea, he's walkin' through life alone

He talks to angels and the stars start to spin
He thinks of troubles that he's gotten in
He recalls how his heart got broken
And how it's still that way
The king of broken hearts is so sad and wise
He can smile while he's cryin' inside
We know he'll be brave tonight 'cause he's the king of broken hearts

The king of broken hearts thinks that he's no fool
He's a little like me and you
So what's a king like that supposed to do with all that blue time
We know he'll be brave tonight
'Cause he's the king of broken hearts
He's the king of broken hearts.

Let's Celebrate Gary's Life and Music With A Few Songs!