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Slim Bawb & The Fabulous Stump Grinders

November 26 @ 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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Slim Bawb is a singer/songwriter, guitar, banjo, mandolin, dobro, bass, pedal steel player. Slim Bawb plays “swamp” music. His debut CD “Ghost Dawg” came out April 2005, “Hillbilly Fellini” in 2009 & the double CD “Calexiana” in 2011.. It was the RadioFreetexas.org CD of the month for January 2011. That album plus
“Boo Dan” (also 2011) won a Texas Music Academy “Gone to Texas” Award in 2012.

“Pardon Me” was released in June 2012. “Gristle & Guts” in June 2014.

“Ain’t My Monkey” was released November 2015 and was nominated for a Grammy as “Best Americana Album of the Year”. The latest album “Rooster” was released in November 2017 & also Nominated for an “Americana Album of the Year” for 2018.

“Slim Bawb is also leader/songwriter for the Sacramento based band “The Beer Dawgs” for 20 years. They were inducted into the Sacramento Area Music Hall of Fame (The Sammies) in 1998 & put out 10 CDs. The Beer Dawgs played their brand of Swamp/Rock/Blues 5 nights a week for those 20 years. (They play reunion shows once a year).

Bawb moved to Texas in 2006 & built Swamp Studio in an old shop on the property he & his wife bought in the country outside of Austin….They currently live in New Braunfels TX and have had a monthly residency at historic Gruene Hall for 4 years…

His bandmates “The Fabulous Stumpgrinders” feature Lil Howard Yeargan on accordion,
keyboards, harmonica & vocals & Ron Sherrod on drums & vocals. Bawb also plays pedal steel with Jordan Minor as well as being a former member of the “Chubby Knuckle Choir”.

“One little known fact is that by 1850, and for many years afterward, European, most German, immigrants in San Antonio outnumbered both Mexicans and Anglos.” Texas Historian T. R. Ferenbach

Well, little known to whom? Not to those of us whose families date back to before Texas was a U.S. state. Want to know what is truly a “little known” fact? Texas Two-Step (in all it’s varieties), danced now for close to 200 years in Texas, and swing dancing, picked up by both black and white communities and danced throughout the South in its early years and now throughout the world, was derived from Czech and German dances. Texas dance hall culture is a German and Czech product, as is the large portions of our state that are family oriented. All of the famous dancehalls in Texas and those that have passed into the night with the arrival of more Anglos and other cultures, were Czech and German products.

Gruene Hall dates back to 1878. It was, like all halls of this type, a community center. Texas has retained it’s culture of serving liquor or beer with children present. Unlike other states that took on a strictly Anglo Protestant culture, barring children from houses of liquor and dance, Texas inherited a Czech and German view. Adults and children play together, so to speak. We’re family.

As anti-German sentiment increased with World War II, many Germans left or changed their names, stopped speaking German in schools or in public and German was banned from being taught in many municipalities in Texas. This had a detrimental effect on our communities, with many halls closing, one by one over the years and changing the face of our communities.

The German owners and strict German community are no more in Gruene. Purchased by Anglos, Gruene Hall is now a mausoleum, a museum and living breathing entity all rolled into one. It is a Texas treasure. It deserves preservation and use. Great Texas country and roots music is played at Gruene Hall. Support Texas music and history. Support Gruene Hall.


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