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Willis Alan Ramsey

“On the whole, Willis Alan Ramsey was the antithesis of the loose, wild-ass cowboy kind of country rock that was being dreamed up around Austin. This was an album of songs. Sales reached a respectable quarter-million units, 9 of 11 songs on the album had been covered by major artists. Ramsey was, to use a cliché, a trailblazer. Folkies singing original songs accompanied by their guitars were a dime a dozen around Texas through the ’50s and ’60s. Ramsey and his folk and country contemporaries — Jerry Jeff Walker, Michael Murphey, and B.W. Stevenson — stepped up their respective games by working with bands in performance and in the studio, which rocked-up their sounds considerably. But no Austin act had the benefit of working with the studio heavies that Ramsey did, thanks to his connection to Leon Russell — the aural support and embellishments on the songs made Ramsey’s work like no recording any of his peers had done. He was the Texas Van Morrison. The Paul Simon of the Lone Star State. Someone like that.” ~NPR

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