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Flamenco Symphony


Flamenco Symphony is the amalgamation of the many genres and styles embraced by guitarist and songwriter, David Massey. Perhaps best described as nuevo and traditional flamenco mixed with world, rock, and classical elements, a Flamenco Symphony show may begin with a rumba in the style of Strunz and Farah, then a pure flamenco piece with traditional dancing and singing, followed by an epic rock number with world flavors reminiscent of Santana or Led Zeppelin. Massey’s virtuosity is featured throughout, and complimented by some of Austin’s finest, gun-slinging violinists.

David began playing electric guitar at the age of 12, influenced early on by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, and Dean Deleo, but by the time of his senior year in high school, his compositions were already incorporating a Spanish flavor with the rock he had grown up on. “I loved that sound ever since I was introduced to it,” stated Massey. “I happened to see a Spanish Guitar CD in Wal-Mart when I was in high school, and I was so drawn to how much they could do with just one guitar.” He continued to study the Spanish and Flamenco guitar on his own, but played professionally in rock bands in the Nashville, TN area, until moving to Austin in 2011. There, he finally tried his lot at performing solo flamenco guitar at the local restaurants and clubs.

Flamenco Symphony was birthed when David met the virtuosic, gypsy and classical violinist, Chris Kranyak during the summer of 2012. The two had an immediate connection and formed the beginnings of the sound that they would describe as “High Plains Flamenco.” A larger ensemble was soon formed that brought in master, Latin percussionist Carmelo Torres (formerly of Los Lonely Boys, Jason Mraz, and Del Castillo), as well as energetic flamenco guitarist Nathan Hinojosa, charismatic stand-up bassist Jeff Grauzer, violinists Christabel Lin and Bridgid Bibbons, and flamenco dancers Drea Pacot and Genevieve Obregon, amongst others. This line-up solidified the unique fusion that has become Flamenco Symphony.

They continue to perform regularly at some of Austin’s hottest spots, and are set to enter the studio this November to record their first, full-length album. Stay tuned for how you can pre-order this album and experience the manifestation of four years of work and evolution. Ole!

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